Going Beyond Care

At North York General, our physicians, staff and volunteers have earned a reputation for going beyond care. From the gentle squeeze of a hand at a time of uncertainty to sharing tears of happiness as a patient prepares to return home, we care for each of our patients and their families.

Our passion for patient care goes far beyond bedside manner. Behind the scenes, a talented group of researchers, physicians and capital planners are going beyond care to create a better hospital experience for all of our patients. To achieve this, we spearheaded the $150 million Campaign for North York General to provide our patients with the best care today, and drive the health innovations of tomorrow.

Our community’s response has been incredible and we are proud to announce that over $123 million has been raised so far. Donations have already been turned into progress, allowing us to renovate, expand and upgrade equipment and technology to help us better care for our patients. We continue to put donations to work with two renovation and construction projects that will help us streamline Emergency care and improve the patient experience.

We are inspired by the generous support our community has shown us, and know that we can count on you to help us see our vision through as we raise the final $27 million of our campaign. Your support will allow us to re-imagine and renovate our facilities to give our patients the best environment in which to heal; purchase state-of-the-art technology and equipment to meet the increasing needs of our community; and invest in patient-focused research to help our patients today, and all Canadians tomorrow. With your help, North York General will continue to challenge the status quo and secure our reputation as health care innovators and leaders.

Going beyond care is what we do at North York General – but we couldn’t do it without you. Please, give today.

Your Support is Helping us Go Beyond Care

Ali Khaleghi


Sandra Keeley

“I never expected to need life-saving cardiac care.”

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"Thanks to you, Katherine's future looks bright"

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“What I discovered in my own backyard amazed me.”

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Joan Xu

Jody Yoken

Dr. Frank Sullivan

“My father may have been the one in the hospital bed, but we all felt so cared for.”

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“You helped bring our family together.”

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“Patient-focused research doesn’t start in a petri dish.”

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Talia Melnick



“I am one of NYGH’s youngest supporters.”

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