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Research & Innovation

Institute for Health Care Innovation

Practice-based research is already taking place in our clinics and at our patients’ bedsides, where information is gathered and then studied to support our patients today, and all Canadians tomorrow. But we’ve only scratched the surface. With visionary donor investment, The Institute for Health Care Innovation at North York General Hospital will be built and act as a hub for world-class leadership in practice-based research, transforming the way care is delivered to our patients and inspiring positive change throughout the entire healthcare system.

North York General will be defined as Canada’s first research-intensive community hospital specializing in practice-based research, the hands-on study of healthcare. Our researchers are, and will continue to be, leaders and innovators in their fields. Their research will contribute to the critical areas of: enhancing patient safety, reducing wait times, refining the use of electronic medical records, providing holistic care to our diverse communities, improving system efficiencies and strengthening links to community health services. 

Three thousand square-feet on the lower level of the hospital overlooking the Don River will be dedicated to the Institute. It will house the data systems, administrative resources and creative spaces that are needed to inspire our researchers, nurture their skills and guide their projects.

The Institute for Health Care Innovation must be fully funded by private philanthropic investment. While the government funds the basic operating costs of our hospital, it does not support the practice-based research that enables our outstanding team of healthcare professionals to truly go beyond care. It is your donations that fund excellence.

A total of $23 million is needed to build the foundation for our research and innovation enterprise that will transform patient care, now and in to the future.

Dr. Donna McRitchie“Sixty-three per cent of the population we serve reports a birthplace outside Canada. You could say we’re a microcosm of the world. This gives our research exponential value and relevance.”
— Dr. Donna McRitchie
Vice President, Medical and Academic Affairs
North York General Hospital

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