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They Took an Oath, Now They’ve Made a Pledge

Over the past year, our Physicians’ Campaign received widespread support from our large complement of family doctors and specialists, surpassing $1.4 million in funds raised. This is a remarkable achievement, particularly because it has encouraged clinical leaders who best understand our patients’ needs to provide much-needed resources for care and treatment.

The Physicians’ Campaign has helped to reinforce the strong culture of philanthropy at NYGH. According to the Campaign’s co-Chairs, Dr. David Kaplan and Dr. Ted Rumble, “the response from our colleagues has been remarkable, because everyone understands that strong support from physicians in the Hospital communicates that we are dedicated to the excellence care provided by our Hospital and it inspires others in the community to give as well.”

The Foundation’s Campaign Chair, Chris Tambakis, says the level of support from NYGH’s doctors “speaks volumes about their passion for the hospital, and about the level of excellence that patients can expect to receive when they are cared for at North York General.”